Wright Manufacturing is the largest portable storage building builder in south Alabama and from the portable storage building business my brother and I found that there was a big demand for portable cabins. Primarily, these cabins were being used for people who would come up and lease / buy hunting or recreational land and need a place to stay while they were in town.
The way we started was out of sheer necessity. People would come to us and want to buy a storage building and move it to their land and then fix it up to live in. This to us was a great idea and we got to sell more storage buildings.

The trouble started when the people would come back in and ask if we could go back out and finish the inside of the building for them. About 7 out of 10 times it would turn out like this…

You want to buy the building, save some money fixing it up yourself and then have a great place to stay while you’re getting away from work.

Problem is that finishing out a building to live in is a lot like work - almost so much that the average person can’t tell the difference.  First you have to buy all the materials at retail prices, then you have to have the knowledge or hire someone with the knowledge to put it all together and before you know it you have put in enough time and money in to buy two cabins.

So we decided that it would be easier for us and a lot cheaper for our customers to finish out the buildings while we have them in our manufacturing facility the first time then just deliver and set them up ready to move in. The only problem that we found after getting started was that we would add so much weight to the buildings they lost some of their portability.

We found the solution to our portable housing need in ISO Corten steel shipping containers we found being used for storage on a small farm in south Alabama. It was perfect and it was right in front of us the whole time. The perfectly engineered house, the container has exceptional strength and durability. Superior longevity, sustainability and did we mention that its recycled? This combination allows us to bring you the best value for your money no matter what your building needs happen to be.

We know the Cat.5 Cabins will be “Just Wright” no matter what  your needs.

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