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At Wright Manufacturing, we pride ourselves at being first and foremost craftsmen.  We strive to maximize our production efficiency in order to minimize our production cost, but yet our main responsibility is to our quality.  This level of workmanship allows us to be versitle enough to offer many construction options that are not normally thought of when buying a portable storage shed.

Office Interior

Office with Handicap Ramp

Retail Desk

Vinyl Flooring with Sheet Rock

Custom Doors:
We can install any door to meet your requirements.  We carry 6 Panel, 9 Lite and 15" Lite House Doors.  (most house doors require 8' tall walls)

Custom Windows:
Custom windows can be installed to your specifications.  We carry 3'x4' aluminum windows.

Steel Roof:
Custom steel roofing can be installed instead of our standard rib style aluminum roof.

Shingled Roof:
We offer a 30 year architectural shingle roof for buildings that meet the requirements of many Home Owner Associations.

We install insulation to the buildings in order to maintain interior temperature.  (Cut-outs can be framed out to opening specs for a window A/C unit)

We can install many different types of paneling to cover your interior walls.

Paneling or ceiling tiles can be installed to cover exposed roof trusses.

We install different types of vinyl and carpet flooring.


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