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Floor System

The old saying that you've heard all of your life is true. Every building that is worth anything is built on a good foundation. We believe this is the most under-rated part of your building, but also maybe the most important.

Wright manufactured floors start with only the best components.  We use industry leading Yella-Wood treated wood for our base. This is the back bone of your building.  On the top of 4"x6" solid skids, we use 2"x6" Yella-Wood floor joists, 16" on center. This gives you all of the support that most any traditional storage building owner will need.

For those building owners that need the extra support to store heavy equipment, we also offer putting the floor joists on 12" centers. The floor joists are topped with 3/4" tongue and groove plywood flooring.

Roof System

At Wright Manufacturing, we take pride in all both the construction and components that go into our buildings, offering options to give you the building made the way you want it.  

Steel Roofs are available offering a sturdier roof structure.  These roofs are also available in a multitude of colors to choose from.

Architectural Shingle Roof offers all the features and comfort of the roof on your house.  This shingle roof passes most HOA covenants.

We warranty all of our roofs against any workmanship defects for a full 3 years after purchase so that you know that you're building is "Built Wright".


We offer Dura-Lap aluminum siding as our standard siding. Dura-Lap comes with a 35 year factory warranty against any rust or corrosion and comes in several different colors. 

Our standard practice is to lay wall studs out on 24" on center.  This spacing allows us to maintain a strong uniformed wall and the ability to move and place windows and doors very easily to meet your needs. 
All of our buildings come with a 48"x72" aluminum frame door.    By using aluminum, we completely eliminate the possibility of your door frame rusting. 

Your building will also come with one to two 24"x36" windows depending on the size of your building.  Additional windows can easily be added if needed.
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