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As an option, our floors can be made 12" on centers for added strength and support.

Our walls come standard with 24" on center wall studs but can be put on 16" or 12" centers at your request.

Electrical Wiring:                                                                                      
The basic wiring package comes standard with (1) light socket, (1) switch, and (1) plug. Additional electrical options can be added to meet your needs such as extra outlets, lights, florescent lights and breaker boxes. 
Please note:  Wright Manufacturing Company is not responsible for any electrical or plumbing codes. Purchaser assumes all of these responsibilities.

Air Vents:
12"x 12" Aluminum air vents can be added to your building for added air flow.  Air vents not only increase the air flow of your building but they also make a considerable amount of difference in the temperature, especially in the summer months.  

Wall Bracing:
Metal wall bracing can be added to strengthen the structural integrity of your building and increase the resistance to horizontal forces and excessive wind speeds. (Buildings 32' and longer come standard with wall bracing included.)

Hurricane Brackets:
Hurricane brackets are used to secure the top plates, wall studs and floor system together. These brackets add rigidness to your building and a great deal more resistance to excessive high winds. 

U-Bolt Anchor System:
Our U-Bolts are drilled through the bottom plate and floor system of your buildings. This feature bonds the floor system to a bracket that can be connected to large mobile home anchors. (Anchor installation and galvanized anchors are available in some areas. Ask your dealer for details.)

Double Doors:                                                                                                     
Our standard aluminum double doors are 6' x 6' and are available in white, cream and tan.

Roll Up Doors:
If you need the widest door that we offer, this is the door for you. Our roll up doors measure 8' x 6'8", 8' x 6', & 6' x6'. These roll up doors are considered to be the best in the industry by many and gives you the maximum versatility for your building. To set our company apart even further, we install recessed galvanized thresholds along with extra floor joists in the floor of every building we install a roll up door in. This not only gives you great strength at the bottom of your door but it also prevents any of the elements from getting inside your building. (Please note that roll up doors can only be installed on 10' and 12' wide buildings and require 8' walls)

Our roll up doors come in both white and tan colors.


12x12 Air Vent

Air Vent and Coil Wall Strapping

Anchor System

Hurricane Brackets

Metal Wall Bracing


Roll Up Door Strength Test

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