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Wright Manufactured floors start on full 4" x 6" pressure treated skids. Floors come standard with 16" on center pressure treated 2" x 6" floor joists but, can be made on 12" on center for added strength. We top all of that off with 3/4" tongue and groove plywood decking. The decking in our buildings come standard with untreated plywood but can also be ordered with treated decking as well.



Walls come standard with 24" on center. This makes our buildings fully customizable using all of the same building materials that you would traditionally use to finish out your home. We also offer walls on both 16" and 24" centers in order to meet your demanding requirements. If you want all of the extra strength that your building can have we have the ability to meet your needs. In addition to our standard construction for our other buildings, our wood buildings come with doubled studs located at every 4' seam. This insures that your wood wall panels will not separate like some other wood buildings.



Our wood building roofs come with two main options. You can get your choice of a 30 year architectural shingle roof or you can choose a 29 gauge steel roof which gives you a multitude of colors to choose from.

Doors and Windows:

All of our wood buildings come with a 72"x72" aluminum door.  This is a big difference between us and some of our competitors.  Most manufacturers make their own wooden doors that tend to twist and warp after being left in the elements for a couple of months.  By using aluminum we completely eliminate the possibility of your door warping.  Your building will also come with two 24"x36" windows.  Additional windows can easily be added if needed.

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